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Friday, October 31, 2014

AUTUMN AIRE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! HOORAY!!!!  I can't believe I finally get to say that as I sit here looking at all of the inventory still not listed in my shop. Please come visit often, because I will add new items regularly. Please help me get the word out by telling your friends and family to check it out, and please, please, please, let me share Autumn with you... all-year-long!

Thanks to everyone for your support! :)
Debbie Harris

Monday, October 13, 2014

Honey-Bee filming expedition

Sunday, Andy and I headed out to Gary and Diane Farmer's home in the country, on a Honey-Bee filming expedition.

On the way there, we saw a particularly pretty field of cotton and stopped at the home sitting closest to it, to ask for permission for both photographing and picking some of the cotton. Dax Whitaker, owner of the home, and family member of the owner of the cotton field, graciously gave us permission for both. I left with gorgeous photos and a bouquet of cotton stems. A special Thank you to Dax and his family, for adding some beauty to my day!

We were given a warm welcome when we arrived at Gary and Diane's home, they are very down-to-earth people and I like that. I sat in the shade of pecan trees... and cautiously walked the grounds and vegetable garden with Diane and learned a little bit about their bees, their chickens and their stock of what they call "Brush" goats. I stayed pretty far away from all the hives because I just don't like flying... or crawling insects. That's just me. But, it was both fun and nerve wracking watching and photographing Andy and Gary with the bees. Andy was out there just all-over-the-place with not a care about being stung or carried off by a swarm of bees, unlike me, he is brave!  I photographed him donning his bee keeper's suit, and practicing running away from the bees, ha ha, and filming while Gary tended to the hives. The day was great! Gary and Diane were gracious hosts and patient teachers. They sent us on our way with vegetables from their garden, some of their home grown sugar cane, and a jar of honey from the hives. They have our gratitude and admiration for all they do and I would be proud to call them friends! Thank you so much Gary and Diane for everything!

Here are some photos of the day... Enjoy.

Cotton Field in Holtville, Alabama

Gary and Diane... Great people! 

Brush goats


Donning his bee-keeper suit

Practice running!!! ha ha!

Andy filming Gary tending the hive

More hives!

Well... What do you think?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Roundtop, Texas Fall Antique Show

The fall show in Roundtop, Texas was made especially fun by great friends who drove 4 or 5 hours just to spend the day with us and then drove 5 or 6 hours home the same night! Curtis, Kim, and the "Queen-Lace-Spotter" Tasha, a special thanks goes out to you guys for being the kind of people that value friendship so much that you'd go above and way beyond the call-of-duty to spend just a little time with friends. We love you for that.

Now, thanks to Tasha's great spotting skills, I came home with a boat load of vintage lace and fabrics. And thanks to Kim, some more great project ideas! Before I go any further, I also have to thank another great friend, Judy, who if not for her, the billion shipments that arrived while I was away from home might not have been there for me when I got back. Thank you Judy, you're a lifesaver!

Other than a few fall decorations and the HEAT...whew... the fall show was pretty much the same as the spring show - crowded for miles and no way to see everything. So, after 2 days of show-shopping and a lot of driving, we needed rest. In eastern Texas, there's this place called "The Texas Forest Country Retreat". It's managed by James and Jennifer Coogler. We ended up spending a couple of nights in a secluded log home in the middle of the Angelina National Forest. Two large ponds and a lot of wildlife were included with the stay. A couple of miles away from our log home, named "Beaver Creek Lodge," was the "Saw Mill Mansion", which is now a bed and breakfast, and Saw Mill Lake sits right behind that. James and Jennifer manage both properties. James is an awesome cook! - five course meals so good you don't know when to stop! The second night, after dinner and returning to our log home, I said to Andy, "I am sooo FULL, how do you feel?" His reply was..."APPETITIOUSLY red-lined". I know, I know, not a word... but now it is. And it got a lot of  use really fast!  We ate so much we could hardly move. Jennifer is James's side-kick in the kitchen and puts the "fluff" in the operation but... she can bake! She made the best pineapple cake I've ever eaten. Seriously, if we would have stayed any longer... we would have had to buy larger pants!

Now... I'm under strict orders not to tell the story about a certain man, who shall remain nameless, in his cowboy hat, his underwear, a pair of shoes and a shirt not quite long enough to help him preserve his modesty... and a 450' walk to a paddle boat. So I'm not tellin!

Home safe and sound and ready to hit the ground running. will officially open November 1st, so we're busy photographing, writing out descriptions and getting our shipping department set up.

I'll do a shout out on opening day, so until then, stay safe and God Bless you.

Enjoy the scenery...
Dirt road to log home

Front view of log home

Living room and loft stairs

Rear of house in the evening

Rear in the morning

Peddle boat on one of the ponds

View from the back porch

Another view from the back porch

Small decoration on mud room wall

Kitchen cabinet doors all inlaid with punched copper

Relaxing sock selfie

Just a fun street sign